Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl is a security camera turned smart speaker. It reads aloud, and responds to, information being sent among computers and networks, including your print jobs as they are being printed. In doing so, it amplifies the practice of sending invisible data without awareness of where its going or who can see it.

Down the line, Gossip Girl will incorporate analysis of the data to respond with more specificity, and in a snarkier tone.

Here’s how it works:
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.22.13 PM
First we set up a ‘fake’ print server on one computer. We take the print request and store it to pdf.
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.24.24 PM
Second, we set up an Applescript that watches the folder we store the file at for changes…
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.24.37 PM
If a file is added, it triggers a shell script that converts the pdf to a text file and reads it out loud. Then we send the file to the printer to print.
Here’s a video:

(EDIT: for clarity)


Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here lets you listen to the daydreams of an depressed and underutilized traffic cone.

When you place the traffic cone over your head, you can discover moments of it’s daily life and you might even discover the places of solitude it dreams of finding.

Anywhere But Here

Self Help

The Self Help box provides useful business and life tips.

Here it is installed on the Stern School of Business building.




The audio tips are sourced from over 10 gigs of self help audio books, processed using this thing I made called Audiogrep which generates audio “supercuts” based on search phrases. The box will play one of the following tracks when the button is pressed.

Innocent Teddy

I’ve got a teddy bear doll whose nose is actually a webcam from junk shop.
With very simple one rule, the doll will have a personality, I hope.

And here’s Max patch that keeps playing randomly chosen sound from playlist while mouse button is pressed:


I’m thinking of just using Processing for the project and no Max patch though.


I’d be magical if I can use ultrasonic directional speaker rather than standard one.
It’ll make very narrow space that you can hear teddy’s singing in instantly catchable way, also making up for the blind spot coming from not-very-wide angle webcam.
The thing is that those speakers are very expensive.
Does anybody have one by any chance?



I found these bookends at an antiques/collectibles store, and was immediately put-off by them.  So I chose them for my object for our Audio Readymade assignment.

Initial question: how can I create an interaction with these objects that is non-exploitative and instead addresses the way these types of representations tend to exist unnoticed/unconsidered around us.

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Inspired a lot by Maximo’s spatial media project “Virtual Menu”

Just wanna make something similar (use plate as controlling interface) but it is also associated with sound by rotating the plate.

An old chair


You know you are getting old when you make noises while sitting down, so does a chair. it’s an old chair which makes relaxing sound while you sit on him or been put gently on to the ground.