I found this toy wrapped up in my house. I bought it for someone and never delivered it. So, this mini soccer net will be my found object. I want to add some personality to it. If I was a net being shot at all the time by a ball, how would I react? I could either love it, or hate it.

If the net loves it, its reactions could encourage the player. If it doesn’t, it could either be afraid, grumpy or downright angry. I am hoping to get it to move in some capacity. Stay tuned!



A Seductive Wine Glass

I was inspired by my first project scream that I decided to create more interactive pieces which reinterpret famous scenes from classic movies. By interacting with these readymades, they’re actually experiencing a classic movie through a new way of storytelling. 

This time I want to recreate the film “The Graduate.”  In the film a women is trying to seduce a young man by using so many irrational excuses. The bourbon wine is the starting point of all this. So I got my idea to use a wine glass to tell you how it happened.


My plan is to play with different seductive lines and vibration based on different water level. I’ll test with photocell or pressure sensor to get the different data indicating the liquid level and to see which one is more accurate. The lines the woman uses in the movie has a perfect dramatic effect, so I jotted down all the dialogs in the original order. With the increasing of liquor inside (the user will be interacting with it by pouring wine inside), the line will get more seductive. The emotion I want to catch in this project is a young man’s confusion, curiosity and anxiety toward his future, relationship and everybody’s expectation after he graduated.


A Relic from the Unseen Zombie Apocalypse

The unseen zombie apocalypse started in early 2007, but had roots long before that. The format of book: mobile and visual we key emerging ingredients that lead to the apocalypse. The mobile phone was also a key ingredient. The abilities to be connected to people wherever they went shifted the social expectations that people could be connected all the time. Social media and smartphones together created the perfect storm for the impending zombie apocolypse.

There were canaries, yet few paid heed as Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.14.48 PMour society hurtled itself into soul limbo. As early as 2012 major new outlets had started to report on the apocalypse.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.22.37 PMIn 2014 articles were being published trying to reason with the zombies. Supposed experts trying rationalize the zombie epidemic which had yet to be labeled.


Finally, in 2016 things came to a head when the remaining survivors came to realize that they were living their lives in a perpetual daze in a living dead state.

They started to rebel first with force, then with behavior modification. Original, tactics included: Holy water for dousing zombies. Arm extensions for swatting phones out of zombies hands. However, each of these had one fundamental flaw, it just further enraged the zombies. Though temporarily liberated, the zombies quickly found ways to reattach themselves to a device. Signal jammers, were also a temporary approach, but even under their spell zombies were fixated on their phones and the effect was only local.


Subversive techniques seemed to have the greatest impact. Ones which slowly started to rewire how the zombies interacted with each other and those around them. The first product on the market was an antiphone phone which was programmed to send meaningless signals – vibrations, rings, messages and even tweets to the owner as a means to desensitize them.

The next product was a zombie rehabilitation program which used the USPS as a means to share message conversations with friends the slow way. The sender writes in a message and then sends it to their correspondent. The correspondent writes in the next line and sends it back.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.39.28 PM

The Story of Matryoshka


Matryoshka lived it’s whole life on the shelf of a child. Every day the child would open and close Matryoshka to find inside a new Matryoshka that it would open again, which it would open again and again. In every Matryoshka was a new Matryoshka, and again a new one that contained a new one. These nested Matryoshka looked all the same and just differed in their seize. All in total those synchronized Matryoshka formed an army of six. Only the smallest, the innermost Matryoshka was not to open anymore. The child tried again and again, but there was no way to open it. The child was disappointed and started doubting infinity. The children loved it’s army of synchronized Matryoshka, but still it couldn’t stop thinking what dozes inside of the smallest Matryoshka. It was concerned that one day the innermost Matryoshka would reveal it’s evil face that was always covered by the surrounding shell of the lovely and colorful Matryoshka.

Do what they tell you to do

By Adi Wiedersheim & Francesca Rodriguez



This is a story about a famous girl that loses her identity for being under the spotlight trying to please everyone else. This brings up questions related to the concepts of beauty, fame, femininity and how society puts pressure on individuals to behave in a certain way.

This girl will be sculpted out of ice and placed inside a microwave (which represents the stage or the spotlight). Every time the microwave is closed, a light will turn on and the girl will spin as if she is dancing on the stage. Applauses, cheers and general excitement will be heard while she dances, but will stop once you open the microwave door. The longer you have the door closed, the faster the ice will melt and the faster the girl will disappear.





(Yifan and Chino)

From a young age, Roni was everyone’s favorite and he knew it. Nobody had a birthday party without inviting Roni, and the parents loved him just as much as the kids did. It went straight to his head, and his sole motivation in life was to assert his position at the top of the food chain.

Eventually, everyone grew up and went off into the real world trying to live their responsible adult lives, while Roni stayed behind in Jersey chillin’ in his hotbox and getting sauced all day. Everyone avoided Roni because they thought he was a dense greaseball who would only bring them down, but he knew deep down that he was hot shit and that no one could resist his flava.

Roni hit the gym hard just so he could prove to all those squares how much better he was than they were. He’d show up to the gym and outdo everyone just to rub in their faces how silly they were to think they were better than him. You couldn’t help but to leave the gym feeling like a terrible human being after getting a load of Roni. But that didn’t keep anyone from coming back because one thing was certain: Roni was in control and nobody could deny a little Roni.



It’s not depression or sadness, but being idle. It finds it hard. Even doing things like viewing or experience fall flat for it. Its walls of perception are, perhaps, too tall. Or perhaps, they are too solid. It perhaps, needs, more permeation. It likes the night time, it’s more quiet, it is more, for it. It thinks about what it is, what is for it, and what is its. It becomes aware of its thinking, it certainly can’t escape that while it’s alone. It’s a put on most of the time, awareness, to be awake, to awe. It thinks, it think about honesty, it thinks about being honest. Its put on, its outward reflection based on its reflection of what it is around, is net zero. How does it become more honest, as more honesty over time is desired. Innocent and unspoiled permeations. Its more meaningful moments are without judgement, for lack of time and opportunity, as more solitude equals less experiences. It’s a trade off, it likes uneventful solitude but lives through subversion and further transgressions.

Born from the pea sized place that tells you to go home, it wonders if the size of the brain really matters at all. From the brain of the sperm whale, to the homo sapien, to the canine, to the Aves, something tell us we would rather leave. It can’t help but put this feeling into the world through its restraint to do anything at all. It is water that won’t flow. It is cold sunlight. It is a closed malt shop in the dead of winter. You are feeling its inability. Its incapability to be there for you. Desire has no place here.

TS the stereo

TS the stereo

I found TS the stereo at a junk store in Brooklyn where he looks to have been abandoned for decades. According to his papers he was approved by John and created by TS, for whom he is named. What I find most interesting about him is the button for LOUD. I like to think of him as a pretty quiet guy for the most part, mumbling to himself and being quite agreeable. That is, until he goes crazy with the push of that button. I’m not sure yet if this change in personality will cause him to be LOUD in the party sense, the crazy sense, the angry sense, or a different type of sense. Maybe all of them. TS may look unassuming and well-put-together, but he’s really got a lot going on on the inside. He’s used to adapting and saying whatever other people want to hear, but now he’s ready to let it all out.