Good Boy, Sammy (in development)

Good Boy, Sammy is an interactive hologram experience, where the user can interact with the dog and make him do tricks on command.

From 1998-2015, Sammy was a toy poodle who lived an enchanted life of travel, beef spareribs and a king-sized bed. In his 17 years, he learned quite the array of tricks, most of which were captured eternally on mp4 in a 34-second video taken back in 2009 on a Sony Bloggie.

This project aims to bring Sammy (back) to life, giving the user the chance to experience or re-live the magic of this tiny, magical animal. I mean, how many poodles do you know that can yodel?


Sammy will be projection mapped onto a screen inside of a dog cage.

Mask Sammy in the video in After Effects and save a png-like version of this.
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.30.37 PM
Center the footage so it is not moving all over the place
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.22.38 PM

Breakdown the footage into the various tricks and states:
1) at rest/stay
2) sit
3) down
4) speak/yodel
5) give me 5/$5

A big part of the project is voice recognition and projecting the videos. I have narrowed down the possible software and programming to accomplish this:

Using ISADORA & Syphon
HTML5 Speech Recognition


User testing shows that the footage, although from 2009 and not perfect, feels real to the user.

Francis User Tests Projection Map from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.



New York City has a growing population not only of humans but also of rats. The way trash is being treated in the city helps the last one to grow. Rats go out under cover of darkness. My last experience with rats on my way home after a TNO in which I run into about 20 rats scurrying out of garbage bags. That experience led my think of them as shadows and I was inspired to create an interactive silhouette stop-motion animation of rats.

First, I created a very simple animation in order to examine how the projection looks like on different plans (wall vs. trash).

The animation set. Paper cuts on a light box.




After the first test, I “cut to the chase”. I laser cut 7 different mice figures from a carmine Bristol board.

Laser Cut Test
White paper rat figures – Test



I took the animation and divided it into 3 parts. When nothing happens the trash X-Ray projection is being played in a loop. The second part is triggered when something is being thrown into the trash bin and the rats run, the third part is a white background.

The full animation:


The Max patch with video outputs:


The next step is to use an IR break beam sensor that will direct motion – when one will through something to the trash can the rats will reveal themselves.


The world’s first connected concrete block. Tons of Features. Endless potential.

– bluetooth low energy
– haptic feedback
– temperature sensor
– activity tracking
– rechargeable battery
– urban aesthetics



FIFA bot – Human Collateral

Emotional object assignment by Nikita Huggins


FIFA bot is an interactive piece that attempts to showcase the juxtaposition between football (soccer) and human rights violations. Playing the sport of football unknowingly connects us to the atrocious behavior of football’s governing body, FIFA.  Continue reading

War Darts

Aaron Montoya & Paula Ceballos



The idea: War Darts.

What it is: A commentary on the automation and dehumanization of war. Inspired by the fact that Hiroshima started with the push of a button, we wanted to visualize how easy it is now to unleash pain and suffering on to other people, and have it stay even when you’re action has stopped.

We felt that darts where the perfect vehicle for this. It’s an action that requires for you to make an conscious decision of engaging with it, and actively participating (vs for example, just walking by).

We did this by getting the dart color data with the kinect into processing, and mapping an area around the data read to look like fire. We then projection mapped it on to the map using millumin and syphon. Not perfect, but working!

War Darts – User Testing from Paula Ceballos on Vimeo.

Grandma Cooker

Yuli Cai

I make a cooker that represent my Grandma, Grandma Cooker.

Brief introduction

Grandma Cooker turns out to be an interactive object that honoring the great dedications that my grandma has been giving to our family over her life and to all the women that have given up their time to sustain their family.

Ever since I started to know things, I remember my grandma will cook for dinners whenever there is a holiday to our entire family. Usually she prepared days to offer us a great dinner. Until one day I noticed she is really aging up over these years, I realized all these efforts she has generously given to her family is probably the main reason she become older. She enjoys it, but still I feel guilty about it.

The sound of this installation is recorded from my grandma singing a Chinese country song.

Final documentation

Materials of making

  1. electronics: 6 TIP120, 6 DC motor fans, Arduino, 1 Bluefruit bluetooth module, 1 9v 2A adaptor for fans, 1 5v adaptor for Arduino.
  2. others: 2 mist makers, 1 slow cooker, acrylic board for laser cutting, 1 potentiometer with switch, projector


Max patch

Arduino code

Process of making

1. Testing the projection effect on steam.


At first I wanted to project something more concrete on the steam, like an image of chili or bun, but after testing them on the steam from a humidifier, I tailed it to project something more abstract.

2. Unpack the slow cooker and dissemble it.




I cut the original switch adaptor off, because the voltage of the original come out was too high and was not safe.

This slow cooker breaks down to 3 parts in the end. 1, main inside pot, 2, outsite holder, 3, one foundation at the bottom with hole for wires.

3. Do wiring for the electronics


After I tested my circuit diagram on breadboard, I wired it to a perf board.


4. Add extra electronic(potentiometer and indicating led)

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.17.12 PM

It turned out to be hard, because the entire cooker is made of metal witch can easily get my circuit short later.

5. Pack all of the components together


It includes 3 layers, the very bottom one is to store all the electronics, the middle one is a tank of water with mist makers inside to generate steam constantly, the top layer is fans, controlled by the knob(potentiometer) in the front of the cooker through an Aduino.


As you transit the mode of this cooker from Keep Warm to High, grandma’s voice changes from normal to old and raspy, and cough more.

Seductive Wine Glass

Seductive Wine Glass from AVA I-WEN HUANG on Vimeo.

It’s the second readymades in my movie series. I got the idea from movie “The Graduate.” In the movie the attractive old woman tries to seduce a young man who just graduated from university. With the raising of wine level, the seducing lines becomes more seductive. In the end the vibration of the wine implies they finally sleep together.

To be able to measure the water level and to hide the sensor I first tested with photocell, but the lighting condition is very hard to control and the data reading is very unstable. So I switched to force sensor. Although it’s still hard to get really accurate measure, it’s way more better than photocell.


And for the Max MSP part I use split function to determine in what range which song will be triggered.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.02.10 AM

Below is the final setup with ambient light. I think I successfully hide the sensors and wires. But the vibration in the end is not that obvious as I thought, maybe turning off the light will be another option.


The Lonely, Old Dresser

created by Gal Nissim, Angela Perrone, Thea Rae

[add final documentation video here]

An old dresser,whose friends and loved ones have gone forever, sits alone in a corner wanting nothing but company, yet finds it hard to leave the comfort zone of solitude. As one approaches the drawers, they are scared away, even pushed away by this lonely pile of wood. But if one hangs around long enough, the drawers will warm up to the stranger and make a gesture and reveal a secret.

new doc 13_1

1)When an individual approaches, the bottom drawer of the dresser will shake to scare them away

A solenoid motor is attached to a facade of a drawer. It is mounted on the side with string and , hitting the partially unmounted facade, causing it to move up and down.
2) The top drawer will open several times, coughing and pushing the person away even more

A larger DC motor is attached to the back of the top drawer with a string, eye screws and a spring. The spring allows for the drawer to pull back after only opening so much via the string. The string is wrapped around a gear-liked head on the shaft of the motor.

testingthemotors from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.

A clear plastic tube connects to a water pump that sits inside of small box, filled with saw dust. The pump sends out saw dust to complement the coughing sounds when the drawer opens and closes. The dust represents a cough, as well as a dilapidated, falling apart dresser body.

3) The second drawer will pop out just fast enough to peak the interest of the onlooker

The second-from-the-top drawer is set up the same way as the top drawer, with a DC motor, string, eye screws and a spring. Inside this drawer is a Pepper’s Ghost illusion that reveals a memory held within the drawer. This is set up with a cell phone showing a video on loop, projected onto an acrylic sheet at a 45 degree angle.

4) If one stays long enough, that drawer will re-open, revealing a memory

First good test from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.21.29 PM















finaltest from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.