A Hysterical Woman

A Hysterical Woman is a performance piece by Rita Cheng and Akmyrat Tuyliyev. Inspired by both readings of late Victorian era feminist literature (particularly, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman) and current political developments, the piece makes literal the fears of outspoken women.

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shoe projection idea

I’m working with Jesse on the idea of projecting light or words from your feet.
There is something there and we’re figuring it out…
Part of the idea comes from transportation modes whether it’s cars, planes, trains, buses, even bikes have some kind of light indicator it let you know it’s around or what actions will happen shortly. Walking doesn’t and it’s for most people the main way of going places and moving around. Since you’re able to just get up an go it feels like the act of walking is taken for granted or not put in the same bracket as other modes of transportation and moving. The idea of having a light or words or a screen on the shoe is to bring attention back to the foot and walking. Another part of it is making walking stand out in a crowd and what happens when it’s noticed? Do people stop to do a double take or question what they just saw or think they saw…does someone follow the projection?

To test out the idea Jesse took his thesis prototype and stuck it in a shoe.
He walked around a bit, but I knew it was there so I knew what to look for and you can actually tell that there is something glowing at the bottom of his foot….I asked Dominic to watch Jesse walk and he agreed that you can definitely tell that there is something on his shoe bottom, but you don’t know what.

During last class, we started to play around with projection mapping and towards the end of class we stuck the little cube projector (United object smart beam laser) inside the shoe to see what would happen. Here’s a short clip to see the shoe projection. From that test, we decided that we wanted a projection and not a screen because you can see more of what’s coming out of the shoe.

We started to think about what we would need to make it happen, and obviously we need a bigger shoe, maybe a platform shoe where we could embed the tech or have space on the outside to put it, we want to use the same projectors, possibly a raspberry pi zero so it could be wireless, but the hdmi cable is something we’re running a bit of a snag with…unless the pi could do it somehow wirelessly (I don’t know much about pi’s nether does Jesse but we’re starting to learn it)