Assignment III | Video Installation | Carlie Yutong ZHANG

Project in carlieyutongzhang.com

ORBIT TRAINING is a real-time interactive training designed for future life in outer space to help people get better understanding of how orbit works so that they can keep themselves in the orbit of those they care about. The installation creates an illusion by capturing people’s real shadow in front of the light, then making it always moving from right to left and generating the new shadow. The closer people get to the wall, the faster the shadows is moving in the invisible orbit.

An object in motion will stay in motion unless something pushes or pulls on it. This statement is called Newton’s first law of motion. Without gravity, an Earth-orbiting satellite would go off into space along a straight line. With gravity, it is pulled back toward Earth. An object’s momentum and the force of gravity have to be balanced for an orbit to happen. If the forward momentum of one object is too great, it will speed past and not enter into orbit. If momentum is too small, the object will be pulled down and crash. Actually, all human beings have gravity that we never noticed. We also change our speed to keep the orbit from each other. In ORBIT TRAINING, audiences become an Earth without even noticing it at first. The moon changes its shape because of the shadow, changes its speed because of the audience’s existence in the space.

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