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Gym Bunny

Within gay culture the gym has become a sacred site.  It has become a holy ground of immense tension for men and their potential partners. The gym is the place where one goes to build themselves into a commodity to be devoured.  Men go to the gym to prepare for courtship; however, more importantly, it is also the site of many courtship rituals.  Within the intoxicating air filled with testosterone, sweat, and body odor, glances are exchanged, compliments are given, and flirtation is provoked.  It is the place of vulnerability, empowerment, potential, and release for those whom for most of their lives have been unable to explore their sexuality.  To see and to bee seen: the atmosphere of the gym is not unlike the atmosphere of a bar or club.
A dumbbell atop of a fur pedestal.  The dumbbell itself, slowly inching along the pedestal surface moving from one end to the other to complete its necessary set of reps.   It grunts and releases its moans of exhaustion with every effort.  What is the dumbbell alone?  What is the dumbbell now as it is prostrated across fur?  What type of conversation is created between these two subjects?  The dumbbell has now become a sexual object and we are the voyeur participating in its seduction.


Collaborators: Shir David, Hayeon Kim, and Chester Dols

We initially spoke after class with an idea to make a kit for our future-selves.  We imagined what the future would be like and what the necessary components would be for our survival.  2045.com became the focus of our inspiration.  Project 2045 imagines a possible future of uploaded human consciousness onto a digital server where humanity can live in peace when the world’s resources are depleted.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.48.53 PM.png

Our second point of inspiration was the concept of the ‘readymade’ and what a readymade can be.  We discussed a kit of objects that needed to be available for us when we arrived in our new virtual world.  The intention of the kit was a selection of items necessary to keep our humanity even though we had become digital.  We all really liked the idea of readily made objects from Thingiverse.com that we we could mash together to represent the parts of humanity that we thought would be necessary for our transitional preservation from physical to digital.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.48.06 PM.png

Our vessel is a usb drive.  The kit, a collection of aggregated mesh objects.  Our objects represent 6 things that we felt are intrinsically necessary as humans and to stay human.

-Consumption: a car, a bug, a computer, and a hammer.

-Curiosity: a Mario figure, a skateboard, and a book.

-Inspiration: a bike wheel, a urinal, and a stool.

-Intangible Arts: a Spotify keychain and a music box mechanism.

-Compassion: a heart, a rose, a sword

-Health: a virus model, a snake, and a pill case.

IMG_5013.JPGIMG_1387.JPGScreen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.38.50 PM.png

Above: fabrication of the futuristic usb and a screenshot of the health object in Rhino3D interface.