Escape the No.4

Our team: Manning Qu, Jingru Yin.


Escape the No.4 is an AR/VR room escaping experience, it will be setup in a corner of a classroom with a basic desk and few lockers. The background story bases on a creepy mental hospital which has ulterior secret that no one knows. The experience will be solo – one audience at a time. The audience will play a role of someone being framed as a psychopath and brought here, they need to find clues with AR(we’ll provide google cardboard) in the physical space to escape in a short time(approximately 5 mins). The  clues are gonna be target pictures hided in ordinary objects for our APP to trigger images/animations/videos. The experience will also include few performance to bring audience into context.

Demo 1.0

Demo 2.0

Demo 3.0

full documentation coming…

User Scenario

Player will be ask to read a brief intro before entering the space, the performer would dress up as a doctor and invite the ‘patient’ into the space which is an office of a mental hospital. The performer will leave after giving tools and first clue with lines. Each time, the player will have 5 minutes to achieve the goal of escaping. The clues will be under a glass, on a chart that need to be fill following instruction, inside a locker, and hided in pill bottle or hanged pictures. While finding each clue, the player will also be exposed to the story with supporting props. Finally, the player will find the tool to cut the bar bracelet which declares the victory of the game. Each time, one player will be giving 5 mins, they’re welcome to RSVP and come back again to finish the journey if they haven’t done it in first try.



Sleepy Lamp





sleepyLamp from Jingru Yin on Vimeo.


The sleepy lamp is a reflection of myself. Always feeling sleepy, having procrastination especially when I need to work,   staying in home all days and feeling be stocked in my bedroom, dreaming a lot.

It’s evening now, the lamp need to work to provide light. But she thinks she need to sleep for 1 hour so that she can be brighter to work better.During the sleep, she dreams a lot, suddenly the alarm clock rings, she wakes up and realize all the dreams be gone, and it’s time to work. But she fall asleep very quick when she works, and dream again and again.