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Things that you don’t know

I have two story about clocks the first one is ‘Things that you don’t know’ second one is’Clock lovers’.

1.’Things that you don’t know ‘-Story :

Mr C lives in a clock shop, there are thousands members in their family. Everyday, they move regularly as they are behaving like normal clocks. Mr C hates that, he wanders why clocks should always go forward, and he believes he should have freedom and he can move however he wants. But, when the owner see someone move in a abnormal way, he will take them off wall and fixes them like doing a serious surgery for them. So Mr C only move wildly and freely when no one is watching, and more and more clocks think this is a good idea…..



I bought two clocks,and I spent a lot time to understand the mechanism of the clocks.

For my project I want to control the movement of the clock , but it is very complicated to make a new mechanism for special movement for my project, so I try to find a way to control the existing mechanism of the clocks. After knowing how the gears work together I found I could only control one gear and make the clock works.


I used a 360 degree servo to connected to the small gear that control the second hand of the clock and mount the servo in the back of the clock.

Webcam is used as a sensor in my project, when people’s faces comes in the camera it will recognized people is watching the clock, the clock will move backwards.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.22.57 PM.png

2.’Clock lovers'(my original story )-story:


Mr Second, Ms Minute and Mr Hour live in an old-design clock from a clock shop. Due to the antique appearance of their house, they are still not been purchased after three years passed. Meanwhile, more and more modern new clocks are coming in stock.

Mr Hour is a mature and charming man. He is well behaved and wouldn’t speak a word in most of the time. Ms Minute has a great body since she is always active with good daily schedule. Mr Second is the youngest among them, he is lengthy and tall, his characteristic of exciting and energetic always makes him full of spirits and running around the room.

Ms Minute always chats with Mr Second. One day, she told Mr Second that She falls in love with Mr Hour and wished him to give her more chance to encounter Mr Hour. Mr Second was being extremely warm and helpful, he tried his best to let her to see him faster by walking super fast. The owner of the clock shop soon noticed that this old clock seems to have some problem, since it is always ahead of the others in time. But the owner was reluctant to take it off the shelve and still kept them, because the clock has been here for so long. As he is running, Mr Second is also eager for a relationship.

The owner bought in lots of new clocks, many beautiful clocks were stocked around Mr Second’s old clock. Mr Second saw this lengthy tall girl next door and he started falling into love with her. He tried to slow down himself to the normal time as Mr Hour and Ms Minute were married and they are supportive to Mr Second’s relationship. Mr Second struggled to meet the girl, and he figured out that the distance between them two is the closest when he is at a quarter and she is at a quarter and half, since she lives on his left. Mr Second followed what he found out and adjusted his speed in order to meet her. But he wants more than just one encounter per minute, but forever…

In this story, I use a thread tied the second hands of the two clocks together. This is what Mr second’s dream- he can stay with his lover forever, and by this way they also can make the time stop. Love makes the time stop, but also makes them stop move forward. I try to use this project to present or describe the relationship between people.